Together We Can Make a Difference.
5th District

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 "Together we can make a difference"  Thank you for supporting the fight against cancer and the Eagles Cancer Telethon.  All donations stay local and help to fund cancer research at the Mayo Clinic, Hormel Institute for Cancer Research, and the U of M Masonic Cancer Center.





To donate now or to fulfill a pledge, begin by entering your donation amount and information below. And again, thank you. Together we can make a difference!

I am an Eagle
Soaring brave and bold
Commitment to the things
we do
With heart and soul
To make this world a better place to be
When the storms of life
are raging
Let me help mankind to see
I am an Eagle, doing all I can
To ease the pain, to lesson ills, to lend a hand
Lord let me live life to give
Let me show the world I care.

An excerpt from Where Eagles Fly by James Rogers