Together We Can Make a Difference.
5th District

Join us for the "Blue Sapphire" Kick-Off Dinner on January 18th at the Mayo Civic Center. Enjoy a sit down dinner with live and silent auction and raise much needed funds in the fight against cancer. 65th Annual Eagles Cancer Telethon held Live on Saturday January 19 from 8PM to 4 PM Sunday January 20 2019 "Together We Can Make a Difference"  


The 5th District Eagles Cancer Telethon is a non-profit charity dedicated to raising funds in support of cancer research.  Each year, the Telethon brings much hope to those lives that have been touched by cancer.  With each Telethon the talent is a little different;  veterans return with crowd favorites and newcomers bring their own style and talent but they all have one thing in common: their passion to help in the fight against cancer.  In the end, the result is hundreds-of-thousands of dollars raised in the fight against cancer.


Being the Longest Locally Run Telethon in the US is due to the continuous support and dedication of the many volunteers, community organizations and our local TV station KTTC.  The Telethon has continued to grow in donations and support throughout the many years and the money raised is used to help fund cancer research at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Hormel Institute for Cancer Research and U of M Masonic Cancer Center. These institutes continue to work for discoveries leading to a cure for cancer.


We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our fight against cancer.  We also invite and encourage you to attend the Telethon itself to help us make this year’s Telethon another successful event because "together we can make a difference."

I am an Eagle
Soaring brave and bold
Commitment to the things
we do
With heart and soul
To make this world a better place to be
When the storms of life
are raging
Let me help mankind to see
I am an Eagle, doing all I can
To ease the pain, to lesson ills, to lend a hand
Lord let me live life to give
Let me show the world I care.

An excerpt from Where Eagles Fly by James Rogers