Skyway is open from parking ramp to Civic Center..........

Different ways to see Telethon

:    1.  Live in person at Mayo Civic Center Rochester


                                                                                         (CHANGES IN AIRINGS  DUE TO Divisional PLAYOFFS )

                                        KTTC and ROCHESTER CW will simulcast the Telethon on BOTH stations


            2.  SATURDAY TELETHON MAY BE SEEN ON KTTC AND ROCHESTER CW      WHICH MAY BE SEEN   A.  Over-the-Air 10.2     B.  Charter 7/787   c.  Direct TV 14  OR    D.  MediaCom 2/20/80

            3.  KTTC will break away from 10 to midnight and will return IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING Saturday Night Live

            4.  STREAMED LIVE ON KTTC.COM www.


            KTTC will leave the Telethon at 11 am on Sunday due to divisional Playoffs we will continue to be shown on CW Rochester